Aug 31

Garden Nachos!

This is really easily and super healthy. Get creative with you nacho toppings and have a garden fiesta. 


1 cucumber sliced

Cottage cheese

Salt and pepper to taste


Slice you cucumber in to thin slices and place them on to a serving dish.  Next take a spoonful of cottage cheese and top the cucumber slice, add salt and pepper to taste.  To make it more colorful at a slice of carrot or tomato to the top of the cottage cheese. 



Learning Corner:

Does added other veggies make the texture of our garden nachos more or less like the really thing?

Try growing your own cucumbers to make the best homemade nachos in town.

Aug 10

Ants on a Log

This is a super easy and super tasty snack for anyone in your family that your child can put together all by themselves.


Celery sticks

Peanut butter

Raisins or

Chocolate chips

Peanut butter chips


Cut the celery into desired lengths, you should be able to get about 2-3 pieces per stock of celery.  Place peanut butter in the center of the celery stock filling up the gap.  Finally place raisins on top of the peanut butter.  For a different twist try using Nutella instead of peanut butter and use peanut butter chips instead of raisins. 



Learning Corner:

Which textures do you like best, the churchy celery, the creamy peanut butter or the chewy raisins?

Aug 3

Haystack Cookies

These are no bake cookies that are super easy and fun to make even on those hot summer days. 


1 bag of chocolate chips

                You could use butterscotch, white chocolate or even peanut butter chips if you wanted

1 can of crunchy chow main noodles

Nuts (optional)


In a microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate chips at 15 second intervals, stir after each time.  It takes a little while, but when they start to melt it happens fast. 

Once the chocolate is melted, mix in chow main noodles, and nuts if you choose to.  Stir together until well mixed.  Using a spoon or clean hands, place a mound of noodles on a piece of parchment or wax paper, allow to harden.



Learning corner:

  • What is it that makes these cookies look like haystacks, is it the texture or color?
  • Eastern Washington produces a large amount of hay; you can even go on hay tours in early summer, a new a fun family activity.