Faux Faberge Eggs

Faux Faberge Eggs!

 This is the last of our egg inspired posts for the month of April.  Making these faux Faberge eggs is a fun and creative way to use up all those left over eggs from Easter.  The kids will love to blow out the eggie insides and paint their favorite characters and pictures on them.  Best of all, because the eggs are empty our kids can hold on to their creations without the eggs going bad.


Raw Eggs

Needles or thumb tacks

Paint and paint brushes

Glitter and Sparkles


With the needle or thumb tack carefully poke a whole into the top and bottom of the raw egg.  Make the whole a little bigger than the original needle by chipping away at the edges of the whole until it is about the size of a ball point pen tip.  Over a bowl blow from top to bottom on the egg until all the egg’s insides have come out.  You might have to blow for a while so don’t be discouraged.  Be careful not to squeeze the egg as you are blowing into it.

 Once the egg is empty dry off the outside of the shell and paint with your favorite design.  Make it shine with glitter or sparkles. 



Learning Corner:

  •  Paint a different egg with your families favorite colors of pictures on them find out what each family member likes and make the egg unique and special for them.
  •  Cut a toilet paper roll into small sections to hold up your eggs on display.

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