Grape Ice Cream Turtles

Grape Ice Cream Turtles

This week we are looking at a great alternative to the classic ice cream dessert.  This grape turtle would be a great party favor or just week night treat for you and your kids.


1 pint of ice cream, sorbet or gelato

Grapes any color you like


Chocolate chips


Take a scope full of ice cream or sorbet; I used lemon so that it went with the fresh fruity grapes.  Make into a ball and flatten the bottom onto a plate.  Before you put the sorbet back in the freezer stick in 4 pecans for the legs, and cut 2 X’s into a grape and stick in 2 chocolate chips for the eyes.  Push the head into the sorbet.  Place the turtle in the freezer for 30 min or until hard again.  While you are waiting cut some grapes lengthwise to make the shell of the turtle.  Remove the turtle from the freezer and begin pushing the grapes around the body.  Start on the bottom and work your way to the top.  For the bottom layer place the grapes up right so they are taller than they are wide.  For the rest of the shell place them horizontally.  You can drizzle a little chocolate on top of the grapes in a crisscross patter to add yumminess.  Place the turtle back into freezer for  until the turtle is nice and cold and ready to eat.



Learning Corner:

  • What other fruit could be used to look like different animals?
  • Are the different color grapes different in size, texture or flavor?

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