Popcorn Witch Hands

Popcorn Witch Hands

This is something my mom and I made when I was a kid.  I found instructions for this and other fun ideas on the fallowing website, http://www.craftbits.com/project/halloween-witches-hand .


Medium-Large clear plastic gloves


Candy Corn


Spider rings



Take one piece of candy corn and place it in the tip of the gloves where the finger nails would be.  Then fill halfway up the finger wholes with popcorn.  If you are going to add Rollo’s for the knuckles add them in the center of the fingers now.  Fill the remainder of the glove up with popcorn.  Tie the end of the glove with string or ribbon.  Add a spider or other scary ring on one of the fingers if you so choose.



Learning Corner:

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