The Edible Green Spoon!

The Edible Green Spoon!

This is a spinoff of a recipe that I saw on Food Networks Everyday Italian.  I thought it was a fun idea to get kids to each more veggies by exposing the veggies bright fun colors and fun alternative uses.


1 bag of frozen peas (thawed)

Fresh mint

Fresh basil

Salt and pepper

Sour cream or cream cheese

Hot sauce (optional)

Belgian endive


In a large bowl have your kids mash the desired amount of peas until almost smooth.  A note, it may not seem like a lot of peas but when they are smashed up they make a lot of dip.  Chop or rip up the fresh herbs and place in bowl with peas, spoon in 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream or room temp cream cheese and mix until well combined.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Cut the bottom off of the endive and place individual leaves on a plate to use as scoops.  If you want to add a little spice, add a few dashes of hot sauce to the mix.



Learning Corning:

Think of what other ways we could use veggies, look back at the melon bowl salad for another fun twist. 

Think of other veggies you could use for a different color or texture, like corn, avocado or sweet potatoes.

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